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XLNT Driver

AIG XLNT Driver. (Excellent Driver)

XLNT Driver

AIG has launched a new Smartphone app, AIG XLNTdriver, which is available in conjunction with our AIG Affinity motor insurance cover.  It aims to reward better and safe driving behaviour with potential savings of up to 25 per cent on motor insurance premiums. It also hopes to encourage drivers to improve their driving overall, leading to fewer accidents on the road.

Customers who use the app will be given a 5 per cent discount on their premium immediately and further discounts of up to 20 per cent will be applied to the premium after 90 days of usage subject to the scores achieved.

XLNTdriver is the first driving app on the market with an auto-start facility which means that users do not have to stop and start the app each time they wish to make a journey. The app scores the user’s driving on a scale of 0 -100 and provides the user with a visual representation of their journey together with an overall score.

The app monitors driving performance under four key areas – smooth driving, mobile phone usage, speed and time. Users will also be able to report an accident 24/7 from their app directly to AIG’s customer care centre via the call now button feature.

The aim of XLNTdriver is not only to reward good driving but also to make drivers aware of their driving behaviours and encourage better and safer driving overall.  This cutting edge technology allows AIG to take a unique approach to pricing motor insurance and communicate with customers in a new way.

XLNT Driver and Affinity Motor is offered on a tied agency basis with AIG Europe Ltd

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