PSV Daily Vehicle Check

PSV Daily Vehicle Check

PSV Daily Vehicle Check Application

PSV Daily Vehicle Check

Vehicle pre-use daily checks are a simple and effective way to spot potentially dangerous issues before vehicles are used. Owners and Employers should have a system of routine daily checks in place to ensure that vehicles are in good working order before the start of a journey.

The Application uses the questions suggested by the HSA, RSA and an Garda Siochana in a format that allows you to take photos of potential issues, make notes of items that might need to be checked later and once you have progressed through all of the questions and signed it off, it is all emailed back to your office/home pc.  Archive these emails then for a comprehensive record of checks made on all of your operational vehicles.

In order to maintain the validity of the documentation and records, all information should be entered correctly and accurately.

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Once you have downloaded the J.F.Dunne Daily Vehicle Check Application, click here and complete the App User Form and email to, with App Register in the subject line, so that we can activate it for you.  We can activate the app for your drivers too, they will be connected to your account and all reports will issue to you.  They will also need to download the App.  You will need to enter your driver's details on the App User Form too, we will send you back a confirmation of yours and your drivers log in details and passwords and you will be ready to start using the JFDunne Daily Vehicle Check.  Save the App User Form on your PC and you can send us updates if you have new drivers or drivers leaving your business.

When you log in for the first time, you will be required to set up your vehicles, these will populate down to your drivers Apps too, and will be saved in registration format on the initial screen.  Once the vehicles are set up and you select the vehicle on which you wish to perform your daily check, you will be asked to enter the current vehicle odometer reading.  The Application is easy to use, after entering the odometer reading, you are provided with a number of questions, you click on the tick mark to confirm all is ok, you click on the X mark to advise of an issue.

if you click on the X mark, you will be prompted to type in the issue that you have noticed, you will also be provided with an option to take a photo of the problem.

You can also take photos without reporting an issue, if there is something that you think may need to be looked at in future, you can photograph it and it will attach to the question you are currently in when emailing back to base.

We hope that this application is of great use to you and helps you with your daily checks and saves you time and money, and that it helps you in maintaining your fleet and providing a better service to you our client.