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ibus email to TD’s 08/03/2022

A Chara,


IBus is a concept launched in 2008 on behalf of small to medium bus and coach operators across Ireland and on the islands. In short it was a national network of services that serviced every village, town and city through a series of iBus Mini-Hubs and connecting our major cities through iBus Major Hubs.  We commissioned an in-depth study of how one of the Hubs would operate in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) and that serviced every village and town along the corridors of the M7, M8 and M9. This concept has been lodged with the National Transport Authority (NTA), various Ministers for Transport and various Ministers for Education where schools transport could be used to compliment these services.


My name is John Dunne and I formed iBus plc to bring small to medium bus and coach owners together in a business venture and to use their strength of numbers to bring such a national service to the people they deal with everyday, they know rural Ireland and everyone in it! Whereas my initial thought around these iBus Hubs was to accommodate the introduction of electric bus/coach services to our towns and cities, I think now we must act urgently in light of the current crisis in the Ukraine and the likelihood of sanctions therefrom creating continuing shortages in gas and oil.


You will know that fuel prices are increasing at an alarming rate and to alarming levels. These fuel prices may very likely make it financially unviable for many of our people travelling daily to work.

I suggest that we bring forward the iBus concept and that we designate mini-hubs in selected towns and villages across Ireland to provide them with local services.  These mini-hubs can be connected to our major roads and motorways serving our cities.


iBus has agreement in principle with one of Irelands foremost and most visible sites on the M7 approach to our capital city and this site can be actioned within months to accommodate in excess of 10,000 cars.


Yours sincerely,

John Dunne

Director, Federation of Transport Operators

Director ibus plc.

086 8161760