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No Alcohol or Substance Allowed

Private bus companies are asked to sign up to the NASA Voluntary Code of Conduct, which commits to a zero tolerance policy of alcohol on board while transporting passengers to and from under 18s events. – If a passenger is intoxicated, suspected of being intoxicated, has been observed drinking alcohol or seen with alcohol, entry onto bus will be refused and parents/carers/Gardai will be contacted. If a passenger becomes intoxicated while on board or is seen with alcohol parents/carers/Gardai will be contacted

Sgt: Gavin Dunphy has engaged with Bus Companies in County Kildare with the assistance of J.F. Dunne Insurances Ltd who have taken a lead in promoting the project through their extensive knowledge of the bus and coach sector with over 40 years of service to the industry in insurance and risk management provision. The Bus Companies that are operating the NASA Voluntary Code are issued with stickers which will be displayed on their buses.

If a bus company would like to find out further information on the initiative you can contact Carlos Dunne, J.F, Dunne Insurance 045 878500 or SWRDATF Safer Communities 045 875111.




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