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Your house is probably the single biggest asset you own, and as the home to you and your family, it is something that is well worth protecting, and protecting well. Home Insurance provides cover for your buildings, your personal possessions, fixtures, fittings, contents and your liability as owner and tenants of the building. In the event of a catastrophic loss of your home, policies will provide for alternative accomodation so that you and yours will not be left homeless!

Buildings Insurance covers anything you cannot take away with you if you move home. It usually includes:

  • The structure of your home such as the roof, walls, windows and doors
  • Permanent fittings such as tiled or hardwood floors, bathroom fittings and fitted kitchens
  • The garage
  • Some of the outbuildings such as a garden shed or a farm building
  • Garden walls, gates and fences.

If your home is destroyed, your buildings insurance will usually pay for the cost of having to move out or rent another home.

You should insure your home for the amount it would cost to rebuild it, which is called the reinstatement value. This is different to the market value of your home, which is what you would get if you sold it.

Contents Insurance covers the moveable objects in your home, including some flooring. It can be taken out as a separate policy from buildings insurance or combined with it in a single home insurance policy. If you do not own your home, for example if you are renting, you should still think about insuring the contents of your home. 

You should insure your contents for the amount it would cost you to replace them if they were stolen or damaged. It is worth taking the time to calculate these costs so that you insure your contents for the correct amount.  Some items under the contents section will be covered on a new for old basis and you should check your policy wording carefully to see if this is included.

Most home insurance policies include Public & Empoyers Liability Insurance up to certain limits. This means that your policy would cover costs, expenses or fees that you could be legally liable to pay in certain instances.

For example:

  • Someone visiting your home, or an employee (such as a tradesman or childminder) has an accident, gets ill, is injured or dies, and it was proven that you were at fault. Some policies also include damages that you are liable for but that happen outside your home.
  • Accidental damage to someone else’s belongings that happens because of something you do or fail to do.

You should always check that someone working on your home has their own public liability insurance. If they damage your home, it might not be covered by your own insurance.

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