For when your identity has been compromised.


Identity Theft crime penetrates all levels of society, affecting all ranges of age, education and income. Approximately 90,000 people in Ireland have been victims of identity theft as reported in a survey commissioned by Fellows for National Identity Theft Fraud Week.

Identity theft is a criminal offence that occurs when someone uses your personal information without your knowledge to commit fraud. Someone can steal your identity by using your name, PPS number, credit card number(s), driver's licence number, bank account number(s) or any other piece of your personal information for fraudulent use.

Identity theft thieves may open a new credit card account by using your name and date of birth. They may also call your credit card issuer and change the mailing address on your account, preventing you from seeing the fraudulent charges. Similarly, identity theft thieves may open a bank account in your name and write bad cheques, or establish services in your name, such as mobile phone accounts. But worse still, if the theft goes unnoticed, it can prevent a person from getting credit, employment or even result in court proceedings.These fraudulent accounts register on your credit report, and the burden is on you to challenge the fraudulent activity and restore your good name.

With Identity Theft Insurance, it’s easier than you think to insure and protect your personal identity from the growing risk of fraud and to take action should you become a victim.

If fraudsters get hold of your personal information the lasting effect can be damage to your credit rating as well as the valuable time, effort and money required to clear your name.

Our policy through AIG Europe Ltd provides you with the simplest way to insure against and help prevent identity theft and get the financial support you need should you become a victim of it.

There are other policies available on the market, and you should check these  out too, policies do vary in relation to what is covered and you should check carefully that the product provides the covers you are looking for.

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